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11 Juni 2010 @ 12:41
In a word  
writersblock asks:

How would you describe your sense of humor in six words or less?

q_pheevr answers:


Prof. Bleen6_bleen_7 on 11. Juni, 2010 18:59 (UTC)
w1ldc47w1ldc47 on 12. Juni, 2010 12:59 (UTC)
You're both hilarious. See how hard I'm laughing? That's how funny you are.
Merle: lambdamerle_ on 12. Juni, 2010 05:13 (UTC)
Six words or less? Then probably<EOF>

Edited at 2010-06-12 05:14 (UTC)
Vizcachachillyrodent on 13. Juni, 2010 02:21 (UTC)
When it's funny, I laugh hard.
tungoltungol on 6. November, 2010 17:00 (UTC)
Hi, just a note to say that I'm removing you as a friend on this account because I read you from my DreamWidth/OpenID account instead ([personal profile] steorra).
(Anonym) on 10. Januar, 2011 03:25 (UTC)
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qiyolear on 14. April, 2011 12:37 (UTC)
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