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16 Juni 2004 @ 14:30
When's the last time you saw the word 'scrotumtightening' in a Reuters article?  

Happy Bloomsday, everybody!

For the benefit of the bemused, Reuters also supplies a one-sentence summary of Ulysses:

Bloom treads the streets trying to forget his adulterous wife Molly and her lover Blazes Boylan, while Stephen Dedalus, the novel's other main character, thinks a lot and gets drunk.

Or drinks a lot and gets thunk. I can never remember which.

No, if you really want to understand what's special about today, you should go and read entangledbank's post.

Update: I had a rather low-key Bloomsday. Drank no Guinness, ate no kidneys. But I did sit and read for a while on a bench a short distance from one of these:

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