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02 August 2004 @ 15:10

I told you I wasn't a blogger.

No, the reason I haven't been posting anything lately is that I've been preoccupied with (1) moving back to the Big Smoke and (2) writing stuff that will actually advance my academic career. But I do still check friends' blogs with some regularity, and though I don't write many comments, either, I am still listening, and I do still care. (Sympathies to the fatigued woman in the A's cap and the heartsore coyote on the train (whose portrait I recognize from the liner notes to One Beat), among others!)

Since I'm here, though, I might as well take a moment to say something snarky about something I read in my morning paper. Richard Ouzounian opens a review of a local production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona with the following sentence:

When the most interesting performances in a Shakespearian production don't come from the title characters, you'd be right in assuming that something is amiss.

Let's hope they never send him to review Henry IV, okay? Or even Julius Caesar.

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"That Anne Girl": Pussyfootabenn on 2. August, 2004 12:42 (UTC)
Thanks for your sympathy. I've had even more depressing personal news to relate, but I didn't put you on that filter because I don't know you well enough (even virtually) to know whether you'd want to read such things.

Oh, heck, the news is that my husband has decided to leave me after 15 years together. It's depressing and likely to be more so for awhile. If you really want to read what's going on with me around this for the next several weeks, let me know and I'll add you to the filter. But I won't take it amiss if you decide that you'd rather not see that stuff.

Good luck with recovering from the move, and with advancing your career.
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 3. August, 2004 10:04 (UTC)

Oh, my goodness. I'm so sorry to hear that.

As for the filter, I'm up for reading whatever you're willing to share; I may not comment much, but your words will fall on sympathetic eyes.

lilithcoyote on 2. August, 2004 13:35 (UTC)
"Let's hope they never send him to review Henry IV, okay?"

Hah. Indeed.

Good to see you around, and good luck with all that career-advancing stuff. :)
-entangledbank on 2. August, 2004 14:13 (UTC)
Your silence is remarked on and regretted.
Tishiewahooweena on 2. August, 2004 19:25 (UTC)
Good to see you!
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 3. August, 2004 10:05 (UTC)
Thanks, all!