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18 Oktober 2004 @ 16:52
I'm not normal  

Meme gleaned from goddessdea:

How common are q_pheevr's interests?
(Oooh, it's the left half of a bell curve!)

music (821354)
theatre (46819)
drama (34064)
feminism (22637)
linguistics (8420)
language (6739)
cello (6656)
bach (6367)
curry (2801)
semantics (931)
comic strips (845)
constitutional law (350)
klezmer (308)
phonology (173)
recursion (148)
blank verse (114)
[putting things in brackets] (97)
formalism (51)
green ink (40)
canlit (33)
dsch (13)
cool colours (3)
morphosyntax (2)
feature geometry (2)
c clef (2)
recherché puns (1)
old borax (1)
neo-elizabethanism (1)
structural ambiguity (1)
the queen's gambit declined (1)
suspect scholia (1)
recondite whimsy (1)
jan mukařovský (1)
diagonal syncretisms (1)
decent coffee (1)
arrant pedantry (1)
f clef (1)
goethean juvenilia and inedita (1)
jaroslav vrchlický (1)
∀i gator(π) (1)
karlův most (1)

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Well, we knew I wasn't normal. I'm glad feminism is as popular as it is. I'm surprised that there are so many people listing "green ink" as an interest, and so few listing "decent coffee."

It's easy to have unique interests (after all, did I really think anybody else was going to list "Goethean juvenilia and inedita"?), but the ones I find really cool are the interests listed by only two or three users, especially when they're people who aren't (or at least weren't already) on each other's friends lists. This strikes me as the LJ equivalent of a Googlewhack.