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22 Januar 2005 @ 14:37
Wordses for snow, and more on names  

File this one under "Overpluralization" (right next to children, if you like) and "Snowclones, Original Flavour":

"Frazz," by Jef Mallett

For the record, Inuit is the plural of Inuk.

Also, in a response to my last post, Mark Liberman writes, "Q (or should I say q_?) establishes empirically that 'it is not true that the English writing system leaves no scope for individual choice in the capitalization of names' [...]." (Note that he has cleverly arranged for the capital Q to be sentence-initial, and the lowercase q_ sentence-internal, thereby avoiding a potential conflict with English orthographic conventions.) To answer his parenthetical question, Q. Pheevr is my nom de joueb; q_pheevr is the username by which LiveJournal recognizes me. LiveJournal usernames are case-insensitive and cannot contain periods or spaces, so the lowercase letters and the underscore are in deference to the non-negotiable limitations of the LiveJournal software. On the site, I show up variously as Q. Pheevr and as q_pheevr, and I'm not particular about the capitalization and punctuation people use in referring to my online persona. (Any publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your URL right, and besides, typing an uppercase Q may, in some cases, be an inordinate burden.) If you're wondering about the period, it's there for the usual reason periods appear in names: it indicates that the Q in Q. Pheevr, unlike the U in U Thant, the S in Harry S Truman, or the X in Malcolm X, is an abbreviation.

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