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29 Januar 2005 @ 14:13
Idiomatic expression:
stark raving mad
Attested eggcorns:
star-craving mad
stark raven mad
Unattested qua eggcorn (hapax legomenon qua pun):
star craven mad

The idea that madness has anything to do with either longing for or fearing celestial bodies is, of course, lunacy.

wolfangel78 on 29. Januar, 2005 12:01 (UTC)
I was trying to decide if it was big ball of gas or celebrity. I rather liked the idea, though.

Q. Pheevr: Sir Loodabert Commaq_pheevr on 29. Januar, 2005 13:09 (UTC)

Well, the final scene of Ibsen's Gengangere strongly supports the "big ball of gas" reading:

Mor, mor! Gi meg solen!

If anyone was ever star-craving mad, surely it was Osvald Alving.

(Deleted comment)
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 30. Januar, 2005 15:27 (UTC)
Not at all; please feel free to do so.
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