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01 Juli 2005 @ 13:54
An open letter  

To the opponents of Bill C-38:

I am not writing in order to gloat. I just want to say that I hope you will be pleasantly surprised at how little difference this measure makes in your lives. This is not to say that its passage will not change anything; on the contrary, it will make a great and joyous difference to the lives of a few queer people. Perhaps you do not know any of them. Perhaps you do.

—Q. Pheevr

frogofthelakes on 1. Juli, 2005 11:03 (UTC)
(Anonym) on 1. Juli, 2005 12:18 (UTC)
Quite true.
The law was largely superfluous anyway. SSM was already legal here, this just makes it explicit.
w1ldc47w1ldc47 on 1. Juli, 2005 12:19 (UTC)
Apparently I wasn't logged in. This last comment was from me.
lascribe on 1. Juli, 2005 12:18 (UTC)
Well said.

I'd guess some of them don't even know they know some people whose lives will now be much easier, and are nearly unaware of the difference the legal recognition of heterosexual couplehood has made to theirs.