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14 Marts 2004 @ 15:08
Beyond ghoti  

Speaking of names, I can't help reflecting on the troubles of that great, cantankerous Anglo-Irish playwright (and amateur phonetician) George Bernard Psschaughal, whose last name was, of course, notoriously difficult to spell....

G. B. Psschaughal
portrait by Bernard Partridge

[Setting: Stockholm, 1925]

G. B. Psschaughal: Good afternoon. I'm here to collect my Nobel Prize for literature.

Hapless Swedish Clerk: Certainly, sir. Your name...?

[Psschaughal glares at the Hapless Swedish Clerk.]

HSC: ...is famous to educated persons the world over, of course, sir, but just, er, for the record?

GBP: Psschaughal. George Bernard Psschaughal.

HSC: Ja. Of course. Just a moment, sir. [Rifles through papers.] Er, I don't seem to see...

GBP: That's because you're looking under S, you incorrigible ignoramus.

HSC: Ah. Er, would you mind spelling your name for me, sir?

GBP: [Sighs heavily.] Psschaughal. That's P as in ptarmigan, double S as in fissure, CH as in chthonic, AUGH as in daughter, A as in deaf, L as in salmon.

HSC: Naturally. PS as in corps, S as in bas-relief, CH as in chevron, AU as in taut, GH as in high, A as in meant, L as in folk.

GBP: No, no, no! Listen carefully: P as in pneumatic, S as in fresnel, SC as in prosciutto, H as in honest, A as in head, UGH as in fought, AL as in walk.

HSC: Oh, now I understand. [Continues to hunt fruitlessly.] You must forgive me, Mr Psschaughal; English spelling is very confusing to those of us for whom it is a foreign language....

GBP: [Pulling something out of the stack.] What's this?

HSC: That looks like it... Oh, dear. I'm afraid they've misspelled your name.

GBP: What? How could that happen?

HSC: It seems they've spelled it phonetically.

GBP: Phonetically?

HSC: Yes—exactly the way it sounds: Skjå.

Nuværende humør: dorkydorky
Nuværende musik: Beau Dommage
parodieparodie on 14. Marts, 2004 16:19 (UTC)
:-) That was entertaining.

oh, and - good choice of music!
w1ldc47w1ldc47 on 14. Marts, 2004 20:59 (UTC)
I seem to have forgotten why "ghoti" has an 'o' in it. Please explain again.
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 15. Marts, 2004 10:49 (UTC)
Ghoti explained
  • GH as in tough
  • O as in women
  • TI as in nation
Ingeborg Svea Nordénisnorden on 9. August, 2006 23:38 (UTC)
Læffing æut læud!
As a fellow word-geek and a Scandinavianist in particular, I couldn't help laughing over this scenario (especially the punchline). Mind if we friend each other?