Q. Pheevr (q_pheevr) wrote,
Q. Pheevr

Less than a week too late

Inspired by comments on a more-or-less recent post of isolt's, ARC belatedly but proudly presents...

Thirteen* ways to be have been a language for Halloween

Costume descriptions are linked to the corresponding Ethnoloɠue entries in case anyone's not sure what's supposed to be what. Additions gleefully welcomed.

  1. Dress as a billiard ball and spin backwards.
  2. Cover yourself in rep silk and hang on to someone's neck.
  3. Dress as a round, flat pastry with jam in the centre.
  4. Wrap yourself in lorem ipsum.
  5. Dress as a prostitute and rhyme into a microphone.
  6. Hurry.
  7. Dress as a threatened king.
  8. Run a concession stand.
  9. Dress up as beer that has a Y chromosome.
  10. Sunbathe.
  11. Be a small part of someone else's vampire or werewolf costume.
  12. Dress as a tragedian from the Roman province of Hispania Baetica.
  13. Wear dark vintage clothing and pale makeup.

* "I recently found myself in discussions with a magazine editor who explained that numbers are very effective selling tools for magazine covers and that odd [meaning as opposed to even, not meaning peculiar] numbers are the most effective. Hence such working titles as: 103 ways to bring yourself to orgasm." —Jennifer Wells, in this morning's Toronto Star


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