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21 Juni 2006 @ 15:07
Pigs of puncture are full with the reels  

I picked up the following algorithm for lyrical distortion from jillbertini, chillyrodent, delanybird, and cutiepi314:

  1. Randomly pick a song from your music library.
  2. Find the lyrics for the first four verses/chorus.
  3. Go to Google Translation and translate the lyrics from English into German.
  4. Take the new German lyrics and translate them into French.
  5. Take the new French lyrics and translate them into English.
  6. Post the NEW English lyrics and have people guess the original song.

My pseudorandomly selected victim was a tolerably funny song to begin with, but I think it gains something in translation:

Pigs of puncture are full with the reels;
To kiss one and you are sure to receive from Thrills.
Pastures crying can cry,
precisely that me for cry you.

Like the pig of puncture, aspires after its pigmeat
which is, as I aspire after you me;
like hop Heuschrecke on grass,
hop me towards the line after you.

Since an Aubergine builds its I.E.(internal excitation),
I am established you narrowly.
A marble animal of forest would not become fixed wood,
since I would fix my love at you!

From Krokodile come by the barrier;
On re-examining, leg, if you receive far late!
Of Lutschbonbons always can claquer;
I opera hat also the question.

Pigs of Puncture would, I need hardly point out, be a good name for a band, especially one that plays lots of reels. I can understand some of how we got to where we are—e.g., Google Translation knows that a porcupine is a Stachelschwein; it doesn't know that a Stachelschwein is a porc-épic, but it knows that a Schwein is a porc and a Stachel is a piqûre (except that really it's a piquant, which of course raises a whole new set of possibilities for retranslation into English), and pigs of puncture is a perfectly sensible translation of the perfectly nonsensical porcs de piqûre. Others don't make so much sense to me. Okay, egg becomes Ei, but why does Ei get capitalized to EI, and then construed as an abbreviation for excitation interne, instead of being recognized as œuf and safely brought back to its original? That's a question well worth opera-hatting. As always, the moral of the story is, don't fire your human translators yet.

Vizcachachillyrodent on 21. Juni, 2006 21:15 (UTC)
If you hadn't explained, I would have translated that "a pig in a poke."
Vizcachachillyrodent on 22. Juni, 2006 02:12 (UTC)
The pigs of the pass are full with the coils;
In order to cover one and toi be safe to receive quake.
From pastures to cry can cry with accuracy which I for the cry you.
As the pig of the pass strives, after its Schweinefleisch,
which are, because I strive for toi I;
like the grasshopper hop on the grass, reversal at bell foot I toward the line after toi.
Since a Aubergine builds the clay/tone C. -
And. (internal excitation), I am set up to you closely.
An animal of forest marble would not become firm wood, since I mean love on toi would specify!
To come of crocodiles by the barrier;
To examine for again, leg, if you keep far late!
Of Lutschbonbons to hnallen from always from can to;
Hat of opera I likewise the question.
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 22. Juni, 2006 15:34 (UTC)

Is that what happens when you reverse the process? There seems to be exactly one line ("like the grasshopper hop on the grass") that ends up closer to the original.

By the way, if anyone wants to hear the original song, it can be found here.

Vizcachachillyrodent on 22. Juni, 2006 17:18 (UTC)
Yeah, that's the reverse process.

As the porcupine pines for its pork ... Ahahaha!
Tomgoliard on 22. Juni, 2006 07:08 (UTC)
This knocks much of Dylan Thomas into a cocked opera hat.
Q. Pheevr: Portrait of the blogger as a young Pogueq_pheevr on 23. Juni, 2006 13:40 (UTC)
Expensive under trucks!
Now, there I young person and under the apple branches
was simple fortunately of house trällernde and as the grass were green,
the night on that dingle starry,
time made me greet and go up
gilded in the apogees of its eyes,
and expensive under trucks I was a prince of the towns of apple
and once below a time I had herrschaftlich to the bottom the trees and the sheets
traces with of Gänseblümchen and the barley
the rivers of the light of impact of wind.
Tomgoliard on 24. Juni, 2006 12:28 (UTC)
Re: Expensive under trucks!
See, that's what I mean. It's a good, characteristic effort, but nothing in that stanza really compares with Google's "pastures crying may cry", if you ask me.