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03 Januar 2007 @ 18:03
Syntactic ambiguity  

A brief open memorandum to the designer(s) at Blackwell Publishing responsible for this book by Mike Hammond:

Please do not set Perl code in Syntax Std Roman. In fact, please do not set code of any sort — but especially not code in which regular expressions feature prominently — in any font in which, at sizes normally used for running text, the graphemes lowercase <l>, uppercase <I>, and pipe <|> can be distinguished from one another only with great difficulty and/or a Zeiss loupe.

Addendum: As Heidi Harley reminds me in an e-mail, all the example programs in the book are available on Hammond's page d'accueil, whence they can be downloaded, run, tinkered with, and set in any font one's picky little heart desires. Hear hear!

Nuværende humør: dorkydorky
Merle: lambdamerle_ on 3. Januar, 2007 23:10 (UTC)
*claps loudly*

One of the first things I do with email clients is to set the default font to Courier New. Not that I need everything to be in Courier, but Arial bites. Reading "Ill1|I" in Arial is simply uncool.
parodieparodie on 3. Januar, 2007 23:43 (UTC)
So, so true.
Merlemerle_ on 4. Januar, 2007 01:30 (UTC)
As a completely separate note, I really love the fact that the text within your <blockquote> avoids overlapping with the CSS floating user icons on my friends page. Whenever people do a <table width="100%"> (as many quiz things do), some of it is always hidden below the icon.