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01 August 2007 @ 21:43
Structural ambiguity in the guitar shop  

Something I learned earlier this week:

When the label says

Nylon Guitar Strap

it means

[ Nylon [Guitar Strap] ]


[ [Nylon Guitar] Strap ]

even though it would be more helpful to indicate which kind of guitar the strap is designed for (nylon-string guitars generally don't have end buttons, so you need a strap that hooks on to the edge of the sound hole) than it is to indicate what the strap is made of.

Fortunately, I learned this without actually buying the guitar strap in question.

acw on 2. August, 2007 23:03 (UTC)
For me, at least, "nylon guitar" does not mean "nylon-strung guitar"; it means "guitar made of nylon", and since that reading is unlikely, I would fall through to the other one.

"Classical guitar strap" would, however, elicit the reading you report.