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01 Februar 2008 @ 10:52
Tiddely effing pom  
You know what I like about it when the campus closes because of snow?
It's not the part about not having to teach; I enjoy teaching. It's the part about not having to get on the subway at quarter to seven so as to get on the bus at quarter past seven so as to get to my office by quarter past eight so as to be ready to teach at nine.
You know what I like about it when the campus closes because of snow at 8:30 a.m.?
Absolutely nothing.
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harkalark: foamy wrathharkalark on 1. Februar, 2008 17:00 (UTC)
Oh, man. As a fellow bus rider, I feel your pain.
Vizcacha: Disapprovingchillyrodent on 1. Februar, 2008 17:58 (UTC)

Cornell will announce that the university is closing at 1pm. Oh, and by the way, all bus service will end at 1:30, so RUN LIKE HELL!!

We just called in preemptively. Yesterday.
テビングtebing on 1. Februar, 2008 18:35 (UTC)
Really? It's 1:30 now and I haven't heard anything about Cornell closing. (I'd be surprised if they did, actually, because we've had much worse and the university still remained open...)
Vizcachachillyrodent on 1. Februar, 2008 20:31 (UTC)
Nope, no signs of closing today. Sorry, I meant to convey that that is Cornell's M.O., not that they're doing it today.
鉄観音isolt on 1. Februar, 2008 22:42 (UTC)

I just wish my campus would close ever.
Prof. Bleen6_bleen_7 on 2. Februar, 2008 01:19 (UTC)
I feel your pain. Around 2:00 PM last February 15, as the leading edge of a massive blizzard sliced across Cleveland, our department chair told us to go home. Promptly. Being completely stupid, I took my time wrapping things up at work, so by the time I trudged out to the 'bus stop the roads had deteriorated into a morass of dirty, yet frictionless snow. Unbeknownst to me, my 'bus line had stopped running minutes before. Again, being completely stupid, I waited there for an hour and 15 minutes, with the temperature –10 °C and falling, in hopes that the next 'bus appearing out of the maelstrom would be mine. Finally gave up and slogged back to the office when I could no longer feel my feet. Luckily, at the time my wife worked second shift, so I just waited 'til she finished work and hitched a ride with her. By then we had some 30 cm of snow and still not one plow in sight, but since nobody else was crazy enough to be out there at 12:30 AM, we could slide and careen all over the place without endangering anyone.

Strange, though—it mostly rained here today. We got about 2 cm of slush on the driveway this morning. No fun to shovel but I guessed, correctly, that it would melt off by itself.