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15 Marts 2008 @ 18:35
It's for you, Matt  

Overheard: a girl1 with a cell phone, standing in the middle of Milton Street, yelling at the top of her lungs, "Matt! I'm calling you! Pick up!"

I'm not sure this is how the technology is supposed to work....

1. Old enough that I would have been inclined to call her a woman if she had been acting more like a grown-up.

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Vizcacha: Rainbow foilchillyrodent on 16. Marts, 2008 00:10 (UTC)
Sometimes in public, I get the urge to hold a can-string combo to my ear and speak into the air. Or, fasten the set-up to my head as though my can had Bluetooth capability.
Merlemerle_ on 16. Marts, 2008 00:31 (UTC)
Her mobile phone service probably has very limited range. That said, it is one of the least expensive plans out there, and is technology-independent.

In a bizarre coincidence, just last week as I was riding up an escalator someone in front of me kept saying "mom, pick up your cell phone" over and over. Perhaps it is a phonedemic. They do warn about viruses these days that can infect phones...
鉄観音isolt on 16. Marts, 2008 07:33 (UTC)
Where do you locate the girl/woman divide?
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 17. Marts, 2008 05:11 (UTC)

It's a very fuzzy boundary, and I don't think I could articulate a really satisfactory set of criteria. In this particular case, the person with the phone looked to be an undergraduate, and as a matter of pedagogical policy, I generally assume that undergraduates are adults, treat them as such, and hope like hell they live up to it. (Most of the ones I've had the privilege of teaching do.)

鉄観音isolt on 17. Marts, 2008 07:51 (UTC)
It's a sound pedagogical policy, I think. And yet, at 26, I still can't manage to apply "woman" instead of "girl" to myself, despite my trying to switch.
(Anonym) on 22. April, 2008 23:31 (UTC)
I assume that the call has gone to voice mail; the behavior is that of someone who is more used to an answering machine on a land line than to voice mail.