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20 Marts 2008 @ 23:58
The black box  

What to make of what life hands you

(a straightforward extrapolation from conventional wisdom)

Vizcachachillyrodent on 21. Marts, 2008 13:33 (UTC)
I went from guts to glory (maybe?). That's it. Good thing you know me; you need at least one simple friend.
quantumkitty on 21. Marts, 2008 13:41 (UTC)
Oh, I get the rule. I don't get all the examples, though.
butsuributsuri on 21. Marts, 2008 14:14 (UTC)
I get all but the first. I'd post the ones I got in rot13, but even that might be a little too revealing of the structure.
w1ldc47w1ldc47 on 21. Marts, 2008 15:39 (UTC)
I think I get the rule, but I also don't get all the examples.
w1ldc47w1ldc47 on 21. Marts, 2008 15:40 (UTC)
And I think #4 is a little bit cheating.
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 21. Marts, 2008 17:07 (UTC)

More so than #2 or #9? I'm just resolving the hiatus.

w1ldc47w1ldc47 on 21. Marts, 2008 21:16 (UTC)
Not more than 2 I suppose. 9 is one of the ones I didn't get. Also, do you have the last of the three you put up later backwards?
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 22. Marts, 2008 00:00 (UTC)

Oh, #9 is my favourite, I think. And no, #12 is the right way round.

butsuributsuri on 22. Marts, 2008 01:24 (UTC)
#9 is funny, & very blog-appropriate.

I still have all but #1 (which I have a couple of ideas for, but they seem pretty weak). #10 required googling. I'm pleased to see #14 because I came up with it myself while grepping my /usr/share/dict for candidates for #1.
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 22. Marts, 2008 03:38 (UTC)
...grepping my /usr/share/dict for candidates for #1.

Ah, well, that won't help; it's a proper name (which perhaps counts as pretty weak, but I figured it would at least amuse anyone who recognized it).

Henrytahnan on 22. Marts, 2008 02:58 (UTC)
Not at all sure what that thing on the left in #1 even is. Otherwise, I think I recognize them all but #16--at least, once I decided that that building on the left in #6 really was too large to be a barrack. (Loved #4 and #9!)
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 22. Marts, 2008 03:58 (UTC)
Not at all sure what that thing on the left in #1 even is.

That would be Pintsize, the AnthroPC from the brilliant webcomic Questionable Content, by Jeph Jacques (qcjeph). (You should read it. God said so.) What's important here, though, is not who he is, but how he's dressed, and what it signifies (a concept for which I could also have used either a blocked garden hose or a British Invasion band).

Prof. Bleen6_bleen_7 on 22. Marts, 2008 05:16 (UTC)
Oh, okay—thanks. In that case I knew what it should be. Something Awful once did a couple of rather amusing Photoshop parodies of works by the author on the right of #1, in which Cthulhu made a few appearances.
Henrytahnan on 23. Marts, 2008 04:51 (UTC)
Ah--now that I know that that's an outfit, it makes more sense.
Prof. Bleen6_bleen_7 on 22. Marts, 2008 03:13 (UTC)
Bravo! I also vote for #9 as the best; I got the example on the left immediately, but took a while on the right until I realize that most of the picture was darkened. And #2 eluded me for a minute because I kept thinking "rotini." I don't know what the guy on the left of #1 is, but I know what it has to be, as the style on the right is unmistakable.
w1ldc47w1ldc47 on 22. Marts, 2008 13:53 (UTC)
I'm very proud of my self for having gotten 1 without the hints (and for having gotten the rule at all, since I usually suck at these things), but I'm still completely baffled by 8, 9, 10, 12 (apparently), 13, 16, and possibly 6. If 6 is what I think it is, then you way cheated on the spelling.

I think this one is especially hard because there's more than one way to pronounce the modulo. Or is that just because I'm bilangue?
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 22. Marts, 2008 16:45 (UTC)

Spelling? Who cares about spelling? :-P

Here are some hints for the others:

  1. The occupation of the man in the portrait is crucial.
  2. You need to know some neurolinguistics for this one.
  3. You could just use Google to identify the film. Or it might be helpful to notice that the fish is resting on snow.
  4. I still don't know what you thought this was when you thought I had it backwards. The chicken doesn't matter, and neither does the bucket; it's all about what's in between.
  5. If you have the cot/caught merger, you can substitute a piece of celery for the thing on the left.
  6. There are a few different ways I could have illustrated the input for this one. I chose one of the G-rated options, but the iTunes store would have censored it anyway.
w1ldc47w1ldc47 on 23. Marts, 2008 03:29 (UTC)
8. still dunno. I don't recognize the dude, so I may have to bring Dave in for help.

9. got it now.

10. the internets have now told me what the output is, and while the input is recoverable from that, it's still meaningless to me. I guess you found a hole in my vocabulary (not hard for you).

12. this hint is entirely consistent with my hypothesis that you had it backwards. I continue to be baffled.

13. Got it now. This is what I thought 12 was.

16. Still no clue.

Oh, and I have one of my own:

Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 23. Marts, 2008 04:13 (UTC)
  1. I myself have no idea who the dude is; I only know what he is.
  2. 10 & 12 may be unfairly disadvantageous to vegetarians. Anyway, this can't be 13 backwards, mostly because the picture on the left doesn't fit what's depicted on the right in 13, but also because the chicken is raw. Only by cooking it would you get what's on the left in 13.
  3. Rhymes with 13.

And I like your addition. (After reading tahnan's comment about Versailles, I thought about doing this one, and I like your choice for the input.)

Prof. Bleen6_bleen_7 on 22. Marts, 2008 16:36 (UTC)
The most common pronunciation of #2, right, suggests that the following may also fit in:


(sorry I couldn't find smaller pictures)

Edited at 2008-03-22 16:37 (UTC)
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 22. Marts, 2008 16:54 (UTC)

I was assuming a British pronunciation for 2, but I like this addition.

w1ldc47w1ldc47 on 23. Marts, 2008 03:32 (UTC)
I like this one too, although it fits my pronunciation of 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, and 15, and not my (less standard?) pronunciation of 2 (obligatorily) and 5 and 9 (optionally)
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 23. Marts, 2008 04:24 (UTC)


w1ldc47w1ldc47 on 23. Marts, 2008 15:31 (UTC)
The final vowel I use for all but 2 (and maybe 5 and 9) is /ej/. This is the same vowel I use in the above example. The vowel I use for 2 (and 5 and 9) is /a/.
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 23. Marts, 2008 17:49 (UTC)

Weird. I've only ever heard this last one pronounced with /ɑ/. (I usually have /ej/ in all the others, but could definitely do /ɑ/ for #2, and maybe for #5 and #9 if I were feeling particularly French.)