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11 April 2004 @ 13:17
How do you read this thing?  

So, I've been playing around with different styles recently, and I noticed that some of them look bloody awful in iCab, which is usually my browser of choice—but not for LiveJournal, because for some reason LiveJournal doesn't remember who I am when I use iCab.

But I'd be interested to know about what you use, and how A Roguish Chrestomathy looks to you. In addition to the basic question of how well the overall formatting comes through, I'd also like to know how your browser treats the <abbr> tag, which I sometimes abuse in order to include moderately snarky subtext. F'rinstance, in iCab the text between the <abbr> tags shows up with a dotted underline, and when I roll the mouse over it, the subtext (the title attribute in the <abbr> tag) appears in the status bar at the bottom of the window; in Explorer, the text doesn't give any special indication that there's an <abbr> tag there, but the subtext shows up in a balloon on mouseover.

Poll #277131 How do you read this thing?

What browser(s) do you usually use to read this blog?

iCab ("No xhtml, thanks! And play by the rules.")
Lynx ("Colours? Pictures? Whatever. Just go easy on the tables, okay?")
Internet Explorer
Netscape 4 ("A randomly chosen 32% of your style sheet will be respected.")
Netscape 6 or 7
Something else entirely

How readable is this blog in your browser (on a scale from 0 (thoroughly illegible dog's breakfast) to 6 (gorgeous))?

Mean: 5.44 Median: 6 Std. Dev 0.83

When I use the <abbr> tag, does the text between abbr tags look different from the surrounding text?

Yes, there's a dotted underline or something like that.
No, it just looks like regular text.
Nuværende humør: curiouscurious
Tishiewahooweena on 11. April, 2004 11:12 (UTC)
I normally view you in my friends page, and so it is all in the style of my LJ (which I'm really sick of). I went to your actual page before taking the poll. I answered "no" to the last question because I have never noticed them in your posts. Did you include any of those abbr tags in this post?

I know that www.sourbob.com does some sort of help tag that does something similar-sounding and does show up in IE, and is pretty cool.
Q. Pheevr: Tieq_pheevr on 11. April, 2004 11:18 (UTC)

It's in there. Try positioning the cursor over the words " the text between the <abbr> tags" in the text above the poll, or over the first few words of the preceding post.

Tishiewahooweena on 11. April, 2004 18:58 (UTC)
Absolutely nothing happens for me. Nothing in the status bar, nothing anywhere at all. (???)
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 17. April, 2004 13:56 (UTC)

Apparently this is something that varies across platforms as well as across browsers. It works for me in Explorer 5.1 for Macintosh, but Explorer for Windows doesn't support the <abbr> tag. Yeesh.

Elkinsskelkins on 11. April, 2004 20:15 (UTC)
Hi, there. It looks just fine in Opera. The only problem with the Component template on my end is that it can sometimes be a little slow to load, for some weird reason. That's not just you, though, but all Component journals, and it's really no biggie. It's not that slow.

Text between the abbr tags isn't distinguished for me, and it wasn't until I read previous comments that I knew precisely where to go looking to find the Magic Subtext. :-D
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 14. April, 2004 11:37 (UTC)

Well, I've finally found and deleted the instruction I had given iCab to reject all cookies from livejournal (such filters are stored in chronological rather than alphabetical order, which makes them harder to dig up again later), so I should now actually be able to use iCab for blogging. So, much as I like the Component style when it shows up properly, I think I'm going to go back to something that works a little better with iCab. Generator's not bad, but I'm still ironing out some glitches therein.