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12 August 2008 @ 15:20
Imperfectly spoonerized song lyrics  
Nuværende musik: Paul Simon
Vizcachachillyrodent on 12. August, 2008 21:38 (UTC)
I've almost got it! Except, I don't recognize the man, his garb, what he's holding, the building behind him or the city.

I recognize Paul Simon.
Logical Girl Pretty Smarmy: musicdarksasami on 12. August, 2008 21:47 (UTC)
Hah, well, I've got you beaten: I don't even recognize Paul Simon.
Vizcachachillyrodent on 12. August, 2008 21:49 (UTC)
I think, if we put our heads together, we can solve this one! We have all the raw materials.
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 12. August, 2008 22:27 (UTC)


  • The city is New York.
  • The garb is judicial.
  • Paul Simon is not the senator.
  • The bows are Japanese.

Edited at 2008-08-13 20:11 (UTC)
Vizcacha: ? Question markchillyrodent on 18. August, 2008 21:58 (UTC)
At some point, you'll have pity and tell us, right? Give us the song, maybe?

Okay, I know who it is, and (maybe) what he's holding. I can't spoonerize that into anything that sounds like a Simon lyric, except for one that is so imperfect as to be really, really wrong.

Edited at 2008-08-18 22:07 (UTC)
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 19. August, 2008 00:53 (UTC)

Well, if it seems really, really wrong, then I hope it's not right, because I would hate to be that disappointing. But it is indeed imperfect, so it's possible that what you've come up with is what I had in mind. (For what it's worth, the one person I've shared the answer with in person agreed that it was a bit of a stretch, but still close enough to be cute.)

Have you identified the building yet? It's a conservatory.

And I can't give you the title of the song, because it's contained in the lyrics represented here.

Vizcachachillyrodent on 19. August, 2008 01:05 (UTC)
Oh my god, that's the song I was thinking (I think!), but the building was key, wasn't it, and I didn't have it.

I'm not sure how to manage the blackout in comments.
Q. Pheevr: Crunchly types a Qq_pheevr on 19. August, 2008 17:29 (UTC)
If you type this:
<span style="color: #000000; background: #000000;">This text will be black, on a black background.</span>
It will show up like this:
This text will be black, on a black background.
Vizcachachillyrodent on 19. August, 2008 17:41 (UTC)
Oh, very good. Thanks. I should keep that tiny tutorial for later; it could come in handy.

My guess is: "See yumi and Scalia down by the Juilliard."
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 19. August, 2008 18:32 (UTC)

We have a winner!

Vizcachachillyrodent on 19. August, 2008 18:36 (UTC)
Yay! You should picture me jumping up and down like a game show contestant.