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19 April 2004 @ 19:07
Americans are doing better than we thought...  

...but still not as well as Canadians.

An update on the American suffering:enjoyment ratio from Mark Liberman (links added):

Oops: the Language Log fact checking department ran the numbers again, and got 14,900 ghits for "Americans enjoy", as opposed to 51,300 for "Americans suffer from". This puts the suffering/enjoyment ratio at a mere 3.4/1. Checking the Canadian numbers, I get essentially the same numbers as Q did; so after the recount, Canadians are not quite 8 times more joyful. Still a significant gap in textual happiness -- but not such a spectacular one. Why the counts from Google are so unstable is a mystery: surely I didn't make a mistake! :-)

In other news, Canadians enjoy submitting their taxes 15 days later than Americans. Despite having picked up the French forms by mistake at the post office, I have somehow managed to muddle through without the aid of either a calculator or a dictionary. My consequent mood of self-congratulation is buoyed by the fact that I expect a modest refund.

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