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03 Maj 2004 @ 19:32
Stuff and/or nonsense  

Et dukkehjem

When I learned, from this post by entangledbank, of the existence of the shrinking woman fetish, my thoughts ran something like this:

That's just—hang on now must keep an open mind mustn't deride others' kink must keep an open mind mustn't deride others' kink must keep an open mind mustn't deride others' kink must keep an open mind mustn't deride others' kink must keep an open mind mustn't deride others' kink must keep an open mind musn't der—oh for fuck's sake do these people not find mainstream images of women sufficiently vulnerable and objectified?

And then I noticed a link on their web site that said Maxim Magazine - someone there loves the tiny ladies!—so I figure if it's in Maxim, it can be derided without compunction. Besides, as entangledbank observes, they have a pretty ratshit glossary.

The controversial [sic] subject meme [sic]

There's a fine rant over at Geekery Today (rad_geek) to the effect that there is no such thing as a meme, because memetics "must either be false or completely vacuous." Meaningless though it be, meme is nonetheless a handily monosyllabic term for these quizzes, surveys, and assorted other diversions that get passed along through the online world.

This one, which I'm belatedly cribbing from wahooweena and goddessdea, calls for the blogger to pronounce on various "controversial subjects." The list has a decidedly American slant to it—some of these things really aren't very controversial here in Canada—but part of the appeal of a meme is that if you pass it on unaltered, it gets people to talk about things they mightn't talk about otherwise.

Some strong opinions:

...should be safe, legal, readily available, entirely a matter of choice, free from stigma, and vanishingly rare. It should be made unnecessary in the vast majority of cases by the widespread availability of reliable forms of contraception and information about them, and by the elimination—or as close to it as we can possibly get—of rape. Oh, and I agree with Heather Mallick that Henry Morgentaler should be given the Order of Canada.
the death penalty
I can understand the temptation. In idle moments, I sometimes dream up suitable punishments for evildoers who seem to be truly beyond any hope of rehabilitation: Henry Kissinger should be packed up in a small crate with no airholes and mailed to Cambodia (at book rate, if possible); Alan Ralsky should be pelted with tins of processed meat; and so on. But, unlike the legislators of various backward states, I'm capable of distinguishing between these sadistic revenge fantasies and sober jurisprudence. Even if we set aside the inherent barbarity of actually killing people in cold blood, it is unconscionable to impose any form of punishment that cannot be undone in the event that a conviction is overturned.
Let's keep in mind who's victimizing whom. Jail the pimps; fine the johns; let the whores alone.
Um... what is there to say here, really? Keep it legal; use it in moderation or let it alone.
See under smoking.
other drugs
Keep the really dangerous ones illegal, but don't go apeshit over simple possession of anything. Practise harm reduction.
gay marriage
Well, I've never seen any rational arguments adavanced against it, probably because there aren't any. Whatever we end up doing, it should treat same-sex and opposite-sex unions entirely equally: either they're both marriage, or they're both 'civil unions' as far as the government is concerned, and whether you consider your union a marriage is up to you and your church, if any.
Earlier this year I heard Paul Martin on the radio saying that he would employ the notwithstanding clause if the Sprinkler of Canda tried to compel churches to solemnize gay marriages against their will. This struck me as alarmist nonsense; it's preposterous to think that the Supreme Court would do any such thing. I would like the prime minister to focus on reality and stop playing to the paranoid right.
illegal immigrants
As wahooweena said, make legal immigration easier.
Just keep it the hell downwind from me, that's all. Oh, and I reserve the right to mock anyone I see smoking a cigar in public.
drunk driving
One of the many, many stupid things the Mike Harris government did was to extend the legal hours for serving alcohol without at the same time providing additional funding to the TTC to keep the subways running that much later. So don't drive drunk, but if you do drive drunk, try to hit a Tory. (See disclaimer about sadistic revenge fantasies above.)
I really think we'll be fine if we can just manage to stop confusing science fiction with reality. Unfortunately, I have yet to read a newspaper article about cloning that succeeds at this.
The scary thing is, I'm not sure anyone is entirely free of it. But we must try.
premarital sex
The selection of topics in this list may not be wholly random, but the ordering certainly is. Anyway, I really don't care whether people have sex without marriage, or vice versa, or neither, or both.
No, thanks.
the war in Iraq
...requires a glossary. Pre-emptive self-defence means 'unprovoked attack.' Shock and awe means 'terror.' Moral inferences are left as an exercise for the reader.
George W. Bush
The Republican Party's nomination of George W. Bush as their presidential candidate in 2000 was a declaration of intellectual bankruptcy. Now, thanks to the unprovoked terror attacks of September 11, 2001, he has become the most dangerous imbecile on the planet. Dammit, if he had to seek public office, why couldn't he have been commissioner of baseball or something?
downloading music
...can be a good way to discover new musicians. Just be nice and try to buy their CDs once you've discovered them, okay?
the legal drinking age
...is too high in Ontario, especially now that they've eliminated grade 13. At the very least, everyone old enough to be in university should be able to drink legally; in certain disciplines, inebriation is practically a curricular requirement.
I think ridicule, rather than legislation, is usually the appropriate response.
Generally not a good idea. Can't see any point in prosecuting people for it, though, if that's what you're getting at.
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Tishiewahooweena on 4. Maj, 2004 09:59 (UTC)
"mustn't deride others' kink"

Ha! Very good.

I also would like to mock people smoking cigars in public, to include the mockery of those who brag about smoking cigars at home.
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 7. Maj, 2004 13:27 (UTC)
Oh, absolutely. Cigar-smoking is fair game for mockery wherever it happens.
zoetheshortzoetheshort on 4. Maj, 2004 13:23 (UTC)
Don't you mess with my baseball
Dubya would surely screw up baseball, and we can't have that. Also, I am going to clarify the drinking age thing after dinner. Probably. Unless I post about lizards instead.
Q. Pheevrq_pheevr on 4. Maj, 2004 13:43 (UTC)
Re: Don't you mess with my baseball
Ah, but what fun is sports fandom without a bad guy?