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28 Maj 2004 @ 11:19
A quick meme before flying to Winnipeg  

I've actually never watched Nickelodeon, but I saw this in delanybird's journal and gave it a try. The picture is rather alarming, but the text, the text....

Sometimes, you wonder why you couldn't just be Canadian. Some people say you are weird. You have an interesting sense of humor and a meaningless life. But, you're nearly Canadian, so did you expect better?

Which old school Nickelodeon show are you?
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Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is why I'm flying to Winnipeg (just part of my weird, meaningless, nearly Canadian life...).

Nuværende humør: amusedamused
Tishiewahooweena on 30. Maj, 2004 13:22 (UTC)
I was wondering where you were!
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